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Best Things to
Do in Chichester

Chichester is a gorgeous town, rich in history with plenty of things to do and see no matter what you have in mind. Whether you wish to explore and discover the place on your own, or you are searching for the best activities to try with your whole family.

Unlike many of the cities that have completely changed their layouts and gotten rid of the original structures, it is amazing that Chichester still successfully retained and preserved all of the cross streets that the Romans originally designed themselves.

If you want a laid-back trip for you and your family or you want to nurture your love of architecture and history, here are just a few of the best things to do in Chichester:

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Cathedral Chichester

1. Visit Architectural and Historical Sites

Chichester is dotted with several notable historical sites, including the Chichester walls that still hold a big part of the original Roman structure built 2,000 years ago to the Cathedral boasting of an architecture that has seen many centuries.

These are sites where you can bring your family to take them down memory lane and at the same time, enjoy a fun and relaxed day out.

If you are more of a nature lover than an architectural fan, you can also take a stroll among the exotic trees and flower beds in the Bishop’s palace gardens.

2. Enjoy a Picnic in Priory Park

The perfect way to explore Chichester is by going around by foot as this will let you take in all the new and old architectural sites and the greenery of all the parks and gardens found all over the city. If you are accompanied by your dog, this gives you a good excuse to take a walk around Chichester.

But, if you would rather look for a spot where you can just sit and relax instead of walking where your feet take you, Priory Park is just the right place where you can go on an exciting picnic with your whole family.

The park has a play area where young kids can enjoy and stay occupied while you are busy basking in the greenery and fresh air around you.

3. Spend the Day at the Beach

Just a few miles away from Chichester, you will find several beaches including the West Wittering Beach. If you are willing to travel a longer distance, you can also head to the town center of Brighton and see the sights of its busier beachfront arcades and stores. Although Chichester technically doesn’t have its own beaches, it still got a harbor where you can walk by the waters with no need to travel that far.

4. Have a Delightful Lunch at a Pub

The last and surely not the least of the best things to do in Chichester with your family is to grab a meal. The area boasts of several amazing local pubs and restaurants that offer various dishes that are guaranteed to suit the taste of all members of your family. From house smoked meats to Sunday roasts, there are lots of wonderful dishes you can try.