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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Plumbing In The UK?

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Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing?

Homeowners insurance covers your home property for loss or damage including, severe weather, fire, and water damage. Water damage due to defective plumbing is covered by the home insurance if the damage or break was sudden and didn’t hoard for a long time.

It means that if the pipe network in your home basement burst, you can get reimbursement for the replacement of tanks, valves, and pipes. In contrast, if your property damage is caused by steady leaks, or rusted pipes, or backed-up sewage system or sump pump, your home insurance entitlement may be rejected.

When plumbing damage is covered

Several clauses are there in your policy that cover repair and damage related to plumbing if there is abrupt damage to your home.

  • Your home insurance can cover your pipes, water heater, and ceiling repairs, including infrastructure damage, and incorporated appliances.
  • Your dwelling coverage can cover the stuff damage by the burst water heater if the destruction occurred in the backyard workshop, guesthouse, or other separate building on your property.
  • The loss of use insurance coverage can reimburse you for food, hotel, and travel expenses if the loss makes you move from your home for a long time.
  • The personal liability insurance coverage can compensate for the plumbing accident that causes damage to the property of your neighbors and you are held responsible for repairs.

Homeowners insurance generally typically covers plumbing in the following scenarios:

Water damage 

As homeowner insurance policies cover water damage, the provider company will pay you for the damage repair due to busted or leaking pipes, valves, etc. in most cases. If your personal property got damaged by water, the insurance also covers that damage. The mildew or mold resulting from water damage is also covered.

Damage needed to reach out the plumbing system 

To repair those busted or leaking pipes, mostly you have to break the wall or even tear through the foundation of the house. Your homeowner insurance policy will provide coverage for the destruction performed to reach out to the plumbing system for repairs.

When plumbing damage is not covered

When claiming for the plumbing-related damage, your insurance adjuster i.e. a professional examiner will visit your home and examine and identify the level of your liability for destruction and loss and will thoroughly examine the damage and look for any hint of your negligence.

What may appear as an unexpected pipe-burst to you could be observed as an avoidable accident by the inspector sent to your home from your insurance company. Make sure that you check your insurance policy for what kind of plumbing incidents are covered or you can also talk to a representative of your insurance company who can better tell you about the plumbing coverage of your insurance policy.

If the below-mentioned conditions are applicable, your insurer will certainly refuse your claim:

  • If plumbing indicates the signs of rust, wear & tear, or corrosion
  • If pipes freeze due to negligence
  • If plumbing is old
  • If you have polybutylene plumbing