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How long is plumbing work guaranteed for the UK?

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How long is plumbing work guaranteed for the UK?

It is important to keep our home in the best condition so that it remains comfortable, convenient, and safe. Once in a while, our home plumbing system needs to be monitored and maintained by professionals. People typically get help from plumbers to keep the drains, faucets, and pipes working in the right condition. While contracting plumbers or plumbing companies, many people ask about the guarantee of the plumbing work.

Many people consider the length of plumbing work guarantee while deciding the plumbing company to hire. The question “How long is plumbing work guaranteed for the UK?” has no single answer as different plumbing companies and plumbers in the UK provide different warranties for various plumbing tasks. In general, the plumbing work guarantee in the UK ranges from 6 months to 2 years depending on the plumbing work.

12 Months Is a Standard Guarantee

Many plumbing works have the guarantee of 12 months from the service date and you can claim the warranty unless the work or appliance has not been altered, abused, misused, defaced, or damaged in any way through the negligence or act of the consumer. And if any defect arises during the service’s warranty period and you meet the requirements, the plumber may repair the defect, replace the faulty product or do the required job to its purpose and standard.

Good plumbers and emergency plumbers provide the guarantee for the plumbing work unless the problem arises from the faulty part or as long as the issue was not originated from the bad install. The guarantee of plumbing work also depends on the kind of work.

Warranty periods

In case you got all the new equipment installed, you can expect a comeback when anything fails within the warranty period and you will get everything fit for purpose. When the plumber or heating engineer installed something that the customer has given then most likely it would be the customer’s issue and the guarantee may not cover such faults.

In contrast, if a plumber supplied and installed something then it is the plumber’s problem and in case you can expect a guarantee but it is not necessary. It could be the manufacturer’s fault like the use of inferior quality material in making products, and the plumber is only fitting what they have not created themselves.

Many plumbing companies provide 12 months guarantee on the heating system and boiler installations. When a reputed plumbing company in the UK installed a new heating system or a new boiler, they usually provide 1-year complimentary aftercare besides the manufacturer’s warranty of equipment itself.

During the warranty period, consumers can enjoy serenity knowing that if any issue appears because of the plumbing work, they can call the plumbing company and ask for resolving the issue free of charge. Many plumbing businesses and plumbers provide a guarantee for other works like parts supply and installation.

So, you can expect to get a guarantee of 6 months to 2 years on your plumbing work in the UK, depending on the work done and the selected company.