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How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation In The UK Cost?

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How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Trying to find out how much a bathroom renovation would cost in the UK? We are here to breakdown the price for the renovation of the bathroom and how much it will cost in the UK.

A complete bathroom renovation, on average costs around £7000 in the UK, but this cost can vary greatly depending on various factors. A DIY renovation of the bathroom will cost much less like £1000. In contrast a high-end renovation of the bathroom can cost you as much as £15000.

We breakdown the bathroom renovation cost as given below so that you can base your approach from here:

  • Plumbing Costs: Including heating pipes, water supply, and drain pipes
  • Electrical Costs: Includes lighting, wiring, and ventilation
  • Bathroom fittings: Such as taps, bath, shower, toilet, and storage
  • Labor: Installation cost

Bathroom renovation cost

The cost of bathroom renovation depends on the bathroom size, the required structural changes, the material quality and fittings used, and the final look that you want to get.

Plumbing Costs

When it comes to plumbing requirements for a renovation of the bathroom, there is no set price. It completely depends on the pipework needed to be fixed and the labor needs. Copper or steel pipes are available in the range from £2.60 for the lower end copper pipe to £6.70 for high-end galvanized pipes in the UK.

Today, plastic tubes are famous and they are an affordable choice and uPVC doesn’t decay irrespective of chemicals. The plumbing may costs around £700-£900 if there is a need for a considerable modification to the current plumbing system.

Costs of Bath

The most economical bath cost around £80 while expensive, freestanding acrylic baths can cost you from £250 to £1500. A cheap steel bath is likely the best value for money. They can cost you as little as £120.

Costs of Shower

The electric shower would be the low-cost choice and can cost you as little as £50. You can get a normal shower mixer at the price of £60 per unit. The high-end shower usually cost between £500 and £2,000.

Cost of Bathroom Basin

The economical choice will be a ceramic pedestal basin that is available at the price of almost £50. The most expensive and the most elegant are the vanity units. Besides the price of construction for the real group, the basin will cost around £90 or more. The cheapest ones are the ceramic bowls while the elite glass, stone, or metal basins can cost over £300, and installation time is almost 1 or 2 hours.

Toilet costs

If you are bearing in mind a normal floor-mounted toilet, you can expect to pay just about £50. In contrast, if you want a more stylish design, you have to pay around £500. In general, the time required to install a toilet is about 2-3 hours.

Labor cost for a complete bathroom renovation

You can expect to pay the average labor cost of a complete bathroom renovation of about £350 a day. You must budget almost £1000 for the actual plumbing for a normal-sized bathroom.[/vc_column_text]