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How Much Does a Plumber Charge To Install a Boiler UK?

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How Much Does a Plumber Charge To Install a Boiler UK?

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Looking for how much it costs to fit a new boiler in your home? We are here to give a breakdown of fitting charges for a new boiler so that any landlord or homeowner can have a better idea about how much they expect to pay a plumber for installing a new boiler.

The installation cost of a New Boiler

On average, the charges to hire a plumber for the installation of a new boiler is generally around £2,000 to £3,000. The price depends on the boiler’s quality you choose to install, the ease of installation, your location, and what extras you choose.

Average Rate of New Boiler Installation

In general, the labor rate to install a new boiler is about £500 for a simple task that only includes replacing the current boiler with a new one using the same water and gas pipes.

However, the price of substituting the whole central heating system involving the boiler, controls, or thermostats, new supply pipe, and rerouting the radiator water pipes can be over £3,000. Local heating workers will mostly provide packages or schemes like “new boiler pay monthly” that can distribute the cost over many years to match your financial plan.

Different type of Systems and Installation Prices

The fitting or installation charges for the installation of a new boiler are almost £1,000 for all types of boilers. In the list below, there is not cost shown for the installation of a back boiler because such systems should be replaced with a more efficient boiler system.

If you have such type of boiler currently installed in your home and you want to replace them, you can use the rates in the below list and add almost £1,000 i.e. the removal cost for an old system.

Remember that the charges given below are for installation only and don’t the cost for the boiler or pipework is excluded.

  • The installation cost of new oil fired boiler: £1,100
  • The installation cost of the new gas boiler: £900
  • The installation cost of the new system boiler: £1,050

Labor Cost and Time Settings

A plumber often charges almost £150 to £200 per day in labor, but the installation job of a new boiler must not take longer than one day unless there is extensive pipework to do there or the boiler require a shift.

Also remember that if you require powering flush the entire system, it may require 1 more day to complete the task based on the number of radiators and the intensity of the need for flushing.

Boiler specialists mostly work in pairs to complete the task quickly and for safety and health reasons. In such cases, the labor charges may be about £250 to £30 a day.

  • Boiler with Thermostat requires 1 day
  • Boiler with Thermostat and 10 Thermostat Radiator Valves (TRV’s) takes 1 day
  • Boiler with Thermostat, System Flush, and 10 TRV’s takes 2 days
  • Boiler with Thermostat, System Flush 10 TRV’s, and New Cylinder Tank require 2 to 3 days